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    Sucrose octasulphate sodium salt
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    4-Fluoro-2-Nitro-Benzoic Acid Tert-Butyl Ester
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    Catalog No.:UPF06200

    Sucrose octasulphate sodium salt

    CAS No.: 74135-10-7 Name:Sucrose octasulphate sodium salt Purity: 98%
    MF: C12H14Na8O35S8 MW: 1158.66
    Synonyms: Sodium sucrose octasulfate; sucrose-octa-O-sulphonic acid sodium salt
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    Sucrose octasulphate sodium salt
    Sodium sucrose octasulfate;
    sucrose-octa-O-sulphonic acid sodium salt
    CAS No.:7424-91-1
    Melting Point:159-164°C

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